Covid-19 info updated 5/4/2022

Hello! Here's the latest Policies in regard to Covid-19 and general safety. 
We will follow any recommended safety guidelines from the state and the CDC.  We still welcome your curbside pick-up orders. 
Currently masks are optional, but please wear one if you aren't feeling well in any way! 
As of July 9th, we have RE-Opened the bulk department for self-service with some extra guidelines to make everyone's experience as clean and efficient as possible! 

1)Bulk must be scooped by adults only. Sorry to your independent kiddos!

2)Prior to scooping, please use hand sanitizer or use our restroom to wash your hands

*MOST foodborne illness is due to unwashed hands.

3)Grab a Clean Scoop for your item. Use a different clean scoop for each item

4)Place scoop in “Dirty Scoop” bin when finished

5)Label items with Bin Number and provided stickers (Example: B428)


Thanks for your cooperation in helping us maintain a clean and healthy store!

We are still offering Phone-in and Online orders for Curbside pick-up. Please give us a call at (309)829-2621 

And of course, we are sanitizing surfaces, handles, frequently touched things several times a day.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time! Stay Safe! Hang in there, we're all in this together!