Monthly specials generally start on the first Friday of the month.
July Specials:

Equal Exchange Summer Solstice (Bulk) Special: $8.99/lb Regular: $11.39/lb

Organic Garbanzo Beans (Bulk) Special: $2.19/lb Regular: $2.69/lb

Organic French Lentils (Bulk) Special: $2.39/lb Regular: $2.89/lb
Organic White Quinoa (Bulk) Special: 3.19/lb  Regular: 3.99/lb

Organic Dill Seeds (Bulk) Special: $.75/oz  Regular: $1.00/oz

Organic Yellow Mustard Seeds (Bulk) Special: $.50/oz  Regular: $.75/oz

Organic Brown Mustard Seeds (Bulk) Special: $.50/oz  Regular: $.75/oz
Original Spicy Pickling Spice (Bulk)
 Special: $1.00/oz  Regular: $1.25/oz
Organic Star Anise (Bulk)
Special: $1.25/oz  Regular: $1.50/oz 

Biotta Organic Beet Juice Special: $5.29ea  Regular: $6.99ea

Bobo's Oat Bites Special: $3.59/box Regular: $5.39/box

Bragg's Coconut Aminos
 Special: $6.49ea  Regular $7.59ea

Brew Dr. Kombucha Special: $3.39ea Regular: $3.99ea

Bubbie's Bread & Butter Pickles Special: $8.49ea  Regular $9.99ea

Bubbie's Dill Pickles Special: $7.59ea  Regular: $9.99ea
Bubbie's Saurkraut 
Special: $8.39ea  Regular: $9.79ea

Dandies Marshmallows 
Special: $3.99ea  Regular: $4.99ea
Follow Your Heart Cheese Shreds  
Special: $5.29ea  Regular: $6.19ea
Follow Your Heart Dressings 
Special: $4.29ea  Regular: $4.99ea
Fruit Bliss Organic Figs Special: $4.49ea  Regular: $6.39ea
Light Life Tempeh
Special: $3.59ea  Regular: $4.39ea
Plant Snacks Cassava Chips
Special: $2.99ea Regular: $3.99ea
Spike Seasoning Shakers
Special: $2.79ea Regular: 3.29ea