*Monthly specials begin on the first Friday of every month.* 
January Specials:

Equal Exchange Guatemalan Medium & French Roast Coffees (Bulk) Special: $8.99/lb Regular: $11.39/lb

Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds (Bulk) Special: $3.39/lb Regular: $4.19/lb
Organic Red Quinoa (Bulk) Special: $3.19/lb  Regular: $3.89/lb

Organic Catnip Herb (Bulk)  Special: $2.00/oz  Regular: $2.25/oz 
Organic Stinging Nettle Herb (Bulk)
Special: $1.00/oz  Regular: $1.25/oz

Organic Dandelion Root (Bulk) 
Special: $1.75/oz  Regular: $2.00/oz
Organic Licorice Root (Bulk)
Special: $1.50/oz  Regular: $1.75/oz

Biotta Organic Beet Juice Special: $5.19ea  Regular: $6.99ea

Biotta Elderberry Juice Special: $7.39ea Regular: $9.89ea

Earth Balance Vegan Mayo *New*  Special: $4.29ea  Regular: $4.99ea

Woo Bamboo Adult Bamboo Toothbrushes Special: $2.99ea Regular: $4.19ea

Woo Bamboo Kids Toothbrushes Special: $3.99ea  Regular $5.59ea

Little Northern Bakehouse GF Bagels *New* Special: $6.69ea  Regular: $7.49ea
Manuka Health Manuka Honey Lozenges  
Special: $4.99ea  Regular: $6.79ea

Miyoko's Vegan Mozzarella  
Special: $7.99ea  Regular: $8.99ea
Nordi Chocolate Bars  Special: $2.99ea  Regular: $4.39ea
PB8 Immune Formula Probiotics 
Special: $22.49ea  Regular: $29.89ea
PB8 Probiotics Special: $17.19ea  Regular: $22.89ea
Plant Snacks Cassava Chips Special: $2.99ea  Regular: $3.99ea
Sweet Earth Vegan Bacon 
Special: $3.39ea 
Regular: $5.49ea

Tofutti Cream Cheese Special: $3.29ea  Regular: $4.79ea

Tofutti Sour Cream 
Special: $2.89ea  Regular: $4.19ea

Wildbrine Kimchi 
Special: $7.99ea  Regular: $9.49ea
Xochitl Tortilla Chips 
Special: $3.99ea  Regular: $4.69ea

Yerba Prima Tapico Skin Brush 
Special: $11.99ea  Regular: $14.99ea