Monthly specials generally start on the first Friday of the month.
January Specials:

Equal Exchange Guatemalan French & Medium Roast Coffee  Special: $8.99/lb Regular: $11.39/lb

Lundberg Cinnamon Sugar Chips  Special: $1.89ea Regular: $3.69ea

Hippeas Vegan Cheddar Puffs  Special: $2.89ea Regular: 3.89ea

Organic Black-eyed Peas (Bulk)  Special: $2.79/lb Regular $3.39/lb

All Andalou Skin Care Products 25% Off!

Organic Chia Seeds (Bulk)  Special: $3.69/lb Regular: $4.59/lb

Organic Peppermint Leaf (Bulk)  Special: $1.50/oz Regular $1.75/oz

Organic Catnip (Bulk)  Special: $2.00/oz Regular $2.25/oz

Organic Echinacea (Bulk)  Special: $1.25/oz Regular $1.50/oz

PB8 Vegetarian Probiotic 120caps   Special: $16.99ea Regular $22.89ea

PB8 Immune Support Probiotic *NEW*  Special: $22.39ea Regular $29.89ea

Tofutti Better than Ricotta  Special: $3.89ea Regular $5.69ea

Xochitl Salsa Verde & Chipotle Salsa   Special: $4.79ea Regular $6.49ea
GFB Coconut Cashew Bites   Special: $4.29ea Regular $5.39ea
Farmhouse Culture Sauerkraut    Special: $6.19ea  
Regular $8.79ea

Biokleen Sport Laundry Liquid 64oz  Special: $9.19ea  Regular $15.39ea  
Biokleen Free & Clear Laundry Liquid 150oz  Special: $18.89ea  Regular $31.59ea