Monthly specials generally start on the first Friday of the month.
September Specials:

Equal Exchange Rabble Rouser Coffee (Bulk) Special: $8.99/lb Regular: $11.39/lb

Organic Matcha Tea Powder (Bulk) Special: $4.75/oz Regular: $5.50/oz

Organic Red Lentils (Bulk) Special: $1.99/lb Regular: $2.39/lb
Crystallized Ginger Medallions (Bulk) Special: 3.89/lb  Regular: 6.39/lb

Field Roast Sausages 4-packs (Chorizo, Smoked Apple Sage, Italian) Special: $5.19ea  Regular: $6.99ea

O'doughs GF Bagel Thins Special: $3.69ea Regular: $5.39ea
O'doughs GF Sandwich Thins
 Special: $4.69ea  Regular: $6.79ea

O'doughs GF Flat Bread Special: $4.89ea  Regular: $6.89ea

Choice Organic Teas Special: $4.29ea Regular: $5.59ea

Hippies Vegan Cheddar Puffs Special: $2.89ea  Regular $3.89ea

Vegan Rob's Puffs Special: $2.79ea Regular: $3.69ea

Organic India Moringa Powder Special: $17.29ea  Regular $22.99ea

Mill Creek Shampoos & Conditioners Special: $6.79ea  Regular: $9.99ea
Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush 
Special: $11.29ea  Regular: $14.99ea

Grain Trust Organic Steamed Brown Rice (Frozen) 
Special: $3.89ea  Regular: $5.59ea
Koyo Ramen Noodles  
Special: $.99ea  Regular: $1.49ea
Living Harvest Hemp Milk 
Special: $3.59ea  Regular: $4.99ea
Xochitl Salted Tortilla Chips Special: $2.99ea  Regular: $4.59ea
Terry Naturally Curamed 750mg 120 Softgels Special: $84.99ea  Regular: $99.99ea
Terry Naturally Curamed 750mg 60 Softgels 
Special: $51.89ea Regular: $60.99ea
Terry Naturally Curamed 375mg 60 Softgels 
Special: $29.79ea Regular: 34.99ea

Terry Naturally Curamin Headache Relief + Caffeine 60T 
Special: $38.99ea  Regular: $45.99ea