*Monthly specials usually begin on the first Friday of every month.* 
April Specials:

Equal Exchange Mind, Body and Soul (Bulk) Special: $8.99/lb Regular: $11.39/lb

Organic Raw Sesame Seeds (Bulk) Special: $3.19/lb Regular: $3.99/lb
Organic Pumpkin Seeds (Bulk) Special: $3.49/lb  Regular: $4.29/lb

Organic Nettle Leaf (Bulk)
Special: $1.00/oz  Regular: $1.25/oz 

Organic Lavender (Bulk) 
Special: $3.25/oz  Regular: $3.75/oz
Organic Chamomile (Bulk)
Special: $1.75/oz  Regular: $2.00/oz

Melt Vegan Buttery Spread Special: $4.79ea  Regular: $6.39ea

Shelton's Ground Turkey Special: $6.99ea Regular: 9.49ea

Nordi Chocolate Bars  Special: $3.19ea  Regular: $4.39ea

Vine Pasta Sauces Special: $6.89ea Regular: $9.29ea

Vegan Rob's Puffs Special: $2.69ea  Regular $3.69ea

WooBamboo Adult Toothbrush Special: $2.49ea  Regular: $4.19ea
WooBamboo Kids Toothbrush Set 
Special: $3.29ea  Regular: $5.59ea

Mrs. Meyers Lavender Dish Soap  
Special: $4.19ea  Regular: $5.69ea
Bitchin' Sauce  Special: $5.49ea  Regular: $6.79ea